Measuring devices for car doors and closures

TGM mini

The new TGMmini combines the accuracy of the TGM with an even easier and faster user experience with no buttons and an all in One Device Design. In combination with a 1/4-20 UNC camera thread or a 3D-printed fixture it is installed on the car in seconds. In combination with an Android smartphone the TGMmini has all the features of the TGM.

Use a custom made 3d printed magnetic holder or the 1/4" UNC connection thread in combination with any camera mount system to install the TGMmini easy and fast. A passing door edge will trigger a measurement and  you get the measurement result with an accuracy of 0.05m/s immediately on the 4cm screen. The door needs to be ferro magnetic and the distance between door edge and TGMmini must not exceed 10mm.

Use any camera mount system ...

... or a custom made magnetic holder...

... or our wide range of gooseneck, 3d-joint holder, suction cups and magnetic holders to easily install the TGMmini anywhere on your car.

The TGMmini is equipped with Bluetooth 

Use the free "TGMmini" Android App to determine the minimum speed required for a safe closure of a car door by repeatedly checking if the door is closed safely after closing the door with various speeds.

The TGMmini App shows the minimum speed required to safely close the door, once the difference between fastest speed at which the door ist still open and the slowest speed at which the door has closed, lies below 0.1 m/s.

Use the same TGM USB Receiver and the same Windows Program "TGMUSB.exe" as for the TGM 5 to get the results as a Windows keystroke to import the results into for example MS Excel or use any terminal program to get the results from the USB Com Port.

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